Get backup, grow faster and more secure.

Our technology enables enterprises and startups to backup their data, grow and expand rapidly while complying with security standards. 





IT Security

IT Security is crucial. A Secure IT Environment is a vital part of every IT strategy. Our technology tests your infrastructure on risks and breaches and helps to solve your challenges.

Business Intelligence

Would you like to back up the validity of business decisions in your company with reliable data? We provide solutions for data based decision making like: dashboards, BI infrastructure, and automated controlling.

Cloud Collaboration

Enterprises work in multiple environments, countries, using completely different IT. How do you communicate in a secure manner and make sure nobody willingly or unwillingly leaks information? How can you collaborate with 15 people in 8 different places and still comply with data regulations? Let us help you making the right decisions on regulations, soft-, and hardware.

Working with us.

Selected clients benefit from our expertise, technology, and partners. Zen IT & Business Consulting helps companies to develop and implement IT Security Strategy, including services like network-security, email-security, firewall-security, cloud security, business intelligence, and IT infrastrukture.

  • Simplesurance GmbH

    Simplesurance GmbH

  • Myung Unternehmensberatung

    Myung Unternehmensberatung

  • Circle Products GmbH

    Circle Products GmbH


We are a fast and precisely working team of engineers, computer scientists, and technicians, with vast knowledge of IT Security, data regulations, cloud, and computer networks.

How to get your IT secure

Intro Call (10 min)

We want to get to know you, your business modell, and find out what challenges are facing you and your plan to overcome them. When we are confident to be able to help you, we will provide a free consultation.

Free Consultation (30 min)

Try us on how we can solve your problems and learn what we do for selected clients. 

Security Workshop

Benefit from our experience with Security issues, data regulations, and data security. Work with us to find proper solutions for your challenges so you can focus on your business.

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